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Life Fitness Indoor Rowers provide a great full body workout, and are renowned for their quality and durability. Pinnacle Fitness has a huge range of brand new and refurbished Indoor Rowers for sale.

New and Second Hand Rowing Machines

Don’t have access to a rowing boat? Then this is the next best thing! Indoor rowers are a great choice for anyone looking for a low-impact workout. Get fit in comfort by rowing in your own home or at the gym, and burn calories while boosting your overall fitness levels.

Why choose a second-hand rowing machine from us? Because we refurbish them to the highest standards. Our fully refurbished rowers are sourced from all over the UK and undergo a rigorous refurbishment procedure plus a full inspection and service prior to dispatch.

At Pinnacle Fitness, you’ll find a large selection of new, used and refurbished rowing machines for sale from top manufacturers like Concept 2. These high-quality machines are comfortable to use, and many come with features like LCD consoles with a range of settings and fitness programmes so you can choose the right programme for you.

We sell these to commercial gym equipment companies and to end-users, and we’d love to help you find your new or used rowing machine today. Start your search here, and contact us for assistance.


Rowing Machines Buying Guide

Rowing machines, also called indoor rowers, are very popular items of gym equipment. They are low-impact, easy to use and provide an excellent cardio workout. They are also suitable for both home gym and commercial gyms.

But how should you choose the right rowing machine?

With all the different models, styles, prices, types of resistance and features to consider, there’s a lot to think about. That’s what we’re going to look at in our rowing machine buying guide.

Where Will You Use It?

First of all, where will you be using the rowing machine? The main options are in your home or in a commercial gym, and this will have a big impact on your decision.

Almost any indoor rower is suitable for home use because it will only be you or your family members using it. But a commercial rower needs to be strong, durable and able to put up with a lot more usage.

But even if the rower is for your home gym, consider who will be using it. If your family members are all different sizes and have different capabilities, this is important to keep in mind.

Type of Resistance

There are four main types of resistance: Hydraulic, Air, Magnetic and Water. It’s important to know about these when you choose your rowing machine.

Hydraulic Resistance

Hydraulic rowing machines are small and compact. They usually come with adjustable resistance levels, and they are quiet to use. They are usually the most affordable, and some of them have two pistons, which means you can work out each arm separately.

They are not as smooth as other resistance types, and they tend to be less durable. However, this depends on the model and brand you choose.

Air Resistance

Air resistance is the most common type in commercial gyms and health clubs. With these rowing machines, the user’s intensity determines the resistance. The harder they work out, the greater the resistance.

They provide a very smooth rowing experience, which makes them popular. However, they can be fairly noisy, which may mean they are less suitable for home use.

Magnetic Resistance

Rowing machines with magnetic resistance are very quiet to operate and they have a smooth rowing action. They have adjustable resistance levels, and they are usually very tough and durable, with little maintenance required. They tend to be smaller than air rowers and water rowers.

Water Resistance

Water resistance rowers are designed to provide the most realistic rowing experience to mimic rowing on water. They are similar to air resistance rowers, and the intensity of the user determines the resistance level.

While they create a bit of noise, they are quieter than air rowers. They are usually the most expensive models, and they often have stylish designs. They are often larger and heavier than other types of rowers, but very little maintenance is usually required.

Decide on a Budget

Once you have thought about the type of resistance you want your rowing machine to have, you need to decide on your budget.

Knowing your budget and the resistance type you want will help you to narrow down your search significantly. Start by reading some reviews of rowing machines and get a good idea about what people are saying about them. You might also want to consider a high-quality used rowing machine, which can lead to important savings.

But always get a high-quality model and don’t go for a cheaper model only to find that it doesn’t last long or requires regular maintenance, otherwise you could end up spending more.

Choosing a Rowing Machine: Key Considerations

Now that we’ve looked at resistance types and you have thought about your budget, there are some key factors to consider when choosing your next indoor rower.


We’ve touched on noise level already. Different types of resistance like air, for example, are noisier than others. If you live in a flat above someone else, and you want a rowing machine for your living room, it may be a good idea to stick to a quieter model.


Ease of maintenance is important. If you have a commercial model for your gym, you don’t want it to be breaking all the time, which will be frustrating for your members.

This comes down to choosing a model that is strong and made to last. You ideally want to choose a rower that you can simply leave and let people use without having to worry about whether it will break or require any special steps to care for it.


Size may or may not be an important consideration. If you have a large commercial gym with lots of space, you may not even think about the size of the machines. However, if you have a small home gym, size becomes more important.

Models come in a wide range of sizes. You may want one that you can store away easily, which means getting a rower that is light and portable. Measure the space available and keep these measurements handy when you start your search.


The seat is one of the most important elements of any rowing machine. An uncomfortable seat will make it unpleasant to use, no matter how good the machine is.

If you are sitting for long periods of time, make sure it is comfortable so you don’t need to adjust it all the time. The height from the ground should also be comfortable because if it is too low, getting on and off can be a challenge. A seat with good padding will help as well.

The movement of the seat is also important. Some seats are fixed while others slide. Gliding seats are usually preferred because it is more like real rowing.

Size and Weight of Users

If you will be the only person using the rowing machine, this should be easy. Just make sure you find a model that is suitable for your size and weight. If family members are using it as well, make sure everyone can use it comfortably

If you are getting a rower for your commercial gym, you will need one that can comfortably accommodate users of different sizes and weights, so keep this in mind and be aware of the maximum weight limit

Some rowers also have adjustable heights, which might be convenient if many people will be using it.

Additional Features

As well as the main factors above, there are other features that you may want to consider. Here are some of the most important.

Foot straps

It is better to choose adjustable straps so it is comfortable to use for you and other users.


Some models have ergonomic handles. Some even have handles made from wood that look attractive and feel good.


If you need to move your rower, you want one that is reasonably light. But some machines also come with wheels to make it even easier to move them.


There are lots of displays available, ranging from very basic to very complex. More budget models have a screen showing calories burnt, speed and distance travelled, and many also come with heart rate monitors.

Others will have rowing programmes for training to help users meet their goals. They might also have larger screens. Some rowers may have displays with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, streaming capabilities and more.


Some models can be separated into different parts, which makes them easy to store.

Choose a Top Brand

All of the above factors are important considerations when you choose a rowing machine. But perhaps the most important thing of all is to choose an indoor rower from a top brand. There are many brands, and some of them have better reputations in the industry for their high-quality models.

At Pinnacle Fitness, we only sell rowing machines from the best brands in the business like Concept 2, Life Fitness and Matrix.

These manufacturers make machines that are designed to last. That’s why many of our refurbished rowers are in excellent condition. They can be used for many years, and they are a great investment for your gym.

Find Your Rowing Machine Today

These are some of the main considerations when you are buying a rowing machine. Take a close look at them and use them to help you make your decision.

We have a wide range of new and used indoor rowers to choose from, and we only work with the best brands. Find your rowing machine here today, or contact us if you have any questions.

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