Slam Balls

Working out with slam balls is a lot of fun. Ideal for the home and the gym, slam balls provide an energetic workout incorporating explosive power, strength and stamina. Our slam balls are high quality and don’t bounce! The black surface of the Slam Ball is textured to provide the perfect grip, while the moving filler adds a new dimensions to your workouts – allowing the user to develop explosive strength in every work out.

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Want a fun way to work out? Slam balls are a great choice. These small and convenient balls are great for using at home or in the gym if you want to enjoy an energetic workout to increase strength and stamina – and have a lot of fun at the same time.

The slam balls you’ll find here are high-quality products that don’t bounce, so you can slam them to the floor as hard as you want. The textured surfaces prevent slipping, and the moving filler adds an extra element to your workout.

Enjoy a huge range of workouts with slam balls. Some involve slamming the ball to the ground, while others involve turning, twisting and lifting. All in all, they provide a superb full-body workout, and they provide a great cardio workout too.

We have a selection of slam balls here like the Blitz Fitness New Style Slam Balls, which are available in a range of weights from 2kg right up to 40kg. Choose one today, or get a selection and work your way up from the lightest.

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