Gym Accessories

You don’t always need big pieces of gym equipment to stay fit and lean. Gym accessories also provide a good workout and their size make them a good addition to exercising at home where space may be limited. Pinnacle Fitness has a range of exciting gym accessories that are affordable for most budgets. From battle ropes, slam ballsbalance balls and resistance bands, to larger accessories like gym flooring and plyometric platforms and more. We’re at the end of a call should you need more help!

Introducing gym accessories to your gym setup is a great way of adding more variation to your workouts and keeping things interesting. In particular, if you prefer a more functional style of training over traditional machines and barbells, then gym accessories are definitely for you.

Walls balls and slam balls are great for building explosive strength, whilst you can work on improving your balance with our balance balls. Additionally, resistance bands are a great option for a quick, efficient workout at home, and plyometric platforms and power sleds can be used to build lower body strength.