Core Bags

Versatile and fun, core bags and fitness sand bags are commonly used in commercial gyms and home gyms. Used correctly, core bags help develop muscle and fitness and can be used in many ways to build up physical core strength.

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Core Bags (Power Bags or Sand Bags)

Core bags have become popular in commercial gyms, and they are also popular for home use. Core bags are incredibly versatile, which is one reason they are so popular, and they are a great choice if you are looking for affordable gym equipment.

We have used and new core bags in a variety of different weights so gym users can choose the right one for them. Core bags can be used in various ways, and they provide a great addition to free weights in the gym because they can help to challenge stability in different ways.

There are lots of exercises to try with core bags, including both simple and complex exercises. Use core bags to work various muscle groups in the lower and upper body, and they can be used in both static and dynamic exercises. These add variety and intensity to any workout, which is why they are so popular in home gyms and commercial gyms.

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