Core Bags: How & Why to Incorporate Them into Your Workout


Core bags are very popular in gyms around the UK and the world. While many people head straight for the free weights or cardio machines, these bags can provide you with an excellent workout.


But what exactly are they and how should you use them? Let’s take a closer look.


What Are Core Bags?


Core bags are durable bags filled with sand that you can pick up and hold. They are also known as power bags and sometimes sandbags.


They are incredibly versatile, and people use them for a wide range of exercises. You can also use the hand straps on each side to lift or carry them while you are training.


Why Choose Core Bags?


There are many excellent reasons to use core bags in your workout.


For a start, they are very versatile. Core bags can be used in so many different ways, and you can use them for simple or complex exercises.


They work different muscle groups, including muscles in the upper and lower body. You can also use them for static exercises as well as dynamic exercises to add more variety to your workout and make it more interesting.


Core bags are also very durable. They are tough and long-lasting, especially high-quality core bags like those from top brands like Blitz Fitness.


They are suitable for a wide range of fitness levels, and there are several different weights to choose from. So you can use them even when you are just starting out with basic training and then progress to more advanced exercises.


They are also convenient. Core bags are quite small and easy to store, and you can even keep them in a dedicated rack to save space. They usually have different colours for different weights to make identification easy.


The design of core bags means the weight distribution shifts due to the sand inside. This has many benefits, leading to improved coordination and balance as well as making the muscles work harder.


You can use core bags anywhere you want, including your home, garden, at the gym or in the park because they are easy to carry.


Core Bag Exercises


As the name suggests, core bags are especially good for your core. They really work the core muscles and can help you get a six-pack and develop your core strength.


There are many core bag exercises you can do, depending on your goals. You can use them in a huge variety of ways to enhance your regular exercises.


For example, you can incorporate them into lifts, lunges and squats. You can also carry and drag them along.


You can hold them in different ways, like above the head, in front of your body and on your shoulders.


The core bag deadlift is a popular exercise. Because of the handles on the side, you can simply hold the handles with your hands facing into your body and move down and up.


Or you could try the reverse lunge, where you hold the core bag behind your neck and go down into a lunge then up again.


Try Core Bags for Yourself


Core bags are a great way to get a serious workout. Simple and convenient, they are also highly versatile and an excellent way to build serious power and strength.


Check out our range at Pinnacle Fitness today for high-quality, durable and long-lasting core bags, and start using them in your workout to enjoy the benefits for yourself.


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