Life Fitness

Life Fitness is an established, reputable gym equipment brand that is known for producing high quality, reliable and durable gym equipment. Whether it’s treadmills, exercise bikes or any strength-based machines, the clever design of Life Fitness equipment allows users to excel and reach new heights in their workouts. Check out our wide range of new and refurbished Life Fitness equipment below for home gyms or commercial gyms.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness has been a leading brand in the global fitness industry since the release of their Lifecycle Exercise Bike in 1968. Throughout the years, Life Fitness have put years of testing and research into creating the most optimal design for each and every one of their products. 

The brand is known for creating products with some of the very best modern technology available across the industry, and as a result Life Fitness treadmills and exercise bikes are packed with a range of features such as WiFi, TV access and interactive training programmes which can provide variety to each workout. 

The range of Life Fitness strength equipment includes plate-loaded machines, benches and racks.

Life Fitness have gone above and beyond to ensure that its product range and manufacturing facilities meet the ISO 9001 quality standards. Due to both the availability of parts and the overall premium quality of Life Fitness equipment, their product range holds the greatest resale value in the industry.