Upper Body Bikes

Providing a totally comprehensive exercise movement for the muscle groups in the shoulders, arms and chest it is sure to inspire total fitness enthusiast. The upper body bike assures top physical fitness even for those users who can only dedicate a limited amount of time to their training.

Upper Body Bikes or Arm Bikes

Don’t have much time for training? You need to make sure you’re using your time wisely to get the most out of it, and upper body bikes provide a great option. These exercise machines provide you with a powerful way to get a quick workout while working your upper body muscle groups, and they are popular in commercial gyms and home gyms.

Upper body bikes, also called arm ergometers or arm bikes, are essentially bikes where you pedal using your arms while sitting down. They engage almost all upper-body muscles in one workout, providing a convenient and comfortable workout option.

We stock used and new upper body bikes from the best brands in the industry. These are high-quality machines that are made to the highest standards and designed to last. We have a selection of new, used and refurbished upper body bikes to choose from at Pinnacle Fitness for home use and commercial gyms. Our refurbished bikes undergo a detailed process so they come out as good as new, and they all get a full inspection and service before dispatch.

Browse our collection today to find the right upper body bike for your needs, or contact us for assistance.

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