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Smith Machines

Smith Machines are used for weight training and just one of our range of strength machines. They are very effective at building and strengthening muscle mass. Our Life Fitness range of refurbished Smith Machines are suitable for home or commercial gyms.

Smith Machines

We have a wide range of strength machines at Pinnacle Fitness, including Smith machines. These machines are highly effective at strengthening muscles, and they are ideal for the home gym or commercial gym.

The Smith machine is a weight machine that consists of a barbell supported in a frame so it provides a fixed movement up and down, providing you with more support. You cannot move forward or back, making it easier to use compared to free weights, and it is a good option for people who are not ready to use free weights.

You can use it for a range of exercises like back squats, bench presses, upright rows and much more. It’s a versatile machine that is a great item of equipment for any gym or in the home.

All of our refurbished Smith machines are good as new and undergo a full service to ensure yours reaches you in top condition. We have used and new Smith machines from the top manufacturers, so explore our selection and find your Smith machine at Pinnacle Fitness here today.

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