Air Bikes

An air bike is a type of exercise bike which has a dual-action design which focuses on both your upper and lower body to achieve a complete body workout. Air bikes promote stamina and the more resistance you want, the faster you must pedal making it the ultimate workout machine.

Air Bikes

Air bikes are one of the best ways to get an all-round workout for the upper and lower body while burning off calories and getting into shape. That’s why they are so popular in gyms around the country.

The dual-action design of air bikes provides a smooth ride. If you want more resistance when riding the bike, you have to pedal faster. These bikes use fans to provide wind resistance, helping you to burn a lot of calories in just a short session.

The handles also move as you peddle, so as well as working your lower body like a traditional bike, you get an upper-body workout, leading to a fantastic workout that is perfect for building stamina and strength.

The new and used air bikes at Pinnacle Fitness come with various settings so you can enjoy the workout you want. They have robust designs but are also comfortable to use for a wide range of body types.

For cardio workouts, it’s hard to beat a good quality air bike. Explore our air bikes today at Pinnacle Fitness and find one that looks right for your home or gym. Or speak to one of our fitness experts for more info.

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