Kettlebells are popular pieces of gym equipment due to their strength and conditioning results and the whole cardiac workout they offer. Along with dumbbells and barbells, kettlebells are regarded as free weights. Pinnacle Fitness have a range of new and used kettlebells and kettlebell sets for sale.


Kettlebells have become hugely popular for gyms and for use at home. These simple and convenient weights are small and easy to carry, but they also offer a huge range of workouts so you can mix things up and enjoy the versatility they provide.

If you want to get a single kettlebell to use at home or to add to your collection in your commercial gym, you will find a wide range to choose from at Pinnacle Fitness. These high-quality new and used kettlebells are made from cast iron to provide extreme durability, and we have various weights to choose from for a range of budgets.

Or get a full kettlebell set and rack instead. These are perfect for commercial gyms to provide your customers with the choice they need, and they come with a selection of weights from 12kg right up to 40kg.

Whether you want a single kettlebell for home use, or you want a full set for your gym, find exactly what you need today at Pinnacle Fitness. Our fitness experts are always ready to help you choose the right equipment, so start your search today, and don’t forget to explore our other free weights including dumbbells and barbells.

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