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Gym Services

Gym Equipment Refurbishment

At Pinnacle Fitness we are very particular about the quality of goods to leave our shop floor. When a customer requests fully refurbished gym equipment this is exactly what we will aim to provide.

Every machine is assigned to one of our highly qualified trained engineers. The engineers follow a strict 25 point checking system ensuring every fully refurbished machine leaves the factory floor in a great condition. The engineer will strip the machine down to its frame, every bearing, cam, pulley and motor is checked, replaced or repaired where necessary. Frames are cleaned, and typically re-sprayed using specialist rust proof paint in our purpose built spray booth or taken to a local powder coating outfit for sand blasting and powder coating. Software checks and updates are completed where necessary and the machines are calibrated accordingly.

Finally, every piece of refurbished gym equipment is passed for final stage checks. The 25 point check sheet is reviewed and the machine is spot checked to make sure nothing is missed. It is then tested to ensure every button, programme, and function is working as it should. We ensure to use these on and off for a day before dispatch including having staff members use them for between 5 – 20 mins to ensure no failures occur before packaging for transportation.

It’s this level of detail that has given us the reputation we have now and ensures that our customers get what they expect.

25 Point Checklist

  • Take off hood. Vacuum all dust. Blow out
  • Check hood for Crack/damage. Repair/replace if necessary
  • Track Belt
  • Clean and Steam
  • Remove end caps, replace if necessary
  • Remove side panels and clean underneath
  • Check decking, flip or replace as necessary
  • Check mains lead for damage, replace if needed
  • Check front wheels are complete and working
  • Check two rear feet are intact
  • Make sure the feet are balanced and level
  • Blow out flywheel
  • Check console arms and frame for damage
  • Smooth down any rough edges & rust, spray in needed
  • Check Heart Rate function, fix is necessary
  • Secure Heart Rate sensors
  • Check all console overlay buttons are responding
  • Check all stop buttons
  • Give all areas of the machine an industrial clean
  • Check all lighting figures and screens
  • Replace rusted bolts/screws
  • Ensure all bolts are tight and secure
  • Give the machine a full 5-minute run, testing all features
  • Turn the machine on and off 3 times to ensure no power failure
  • Test battery – Charge if necessary

The Refurbishment Process

In addition to the standard work above, here’s some specifics for each machine type:


We replace the roller front / rear bearings and fit a brand new drive belt (which links the motor to the front roller) on every single machine, at no extra cost. The motor will be fully refurbished, and fitted with brand new bearings. The running belt will also be replaced with a brand new Euroglide belt. As standard, the running deck will be a used part, but it will be professionally cleaned, checked for excessive wear, and replaced if necessary.

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Exercise Bikes

We fit brand new drive and alternator belts on every single machine. Where applicable, the alternator will be fully refurbished, and fitted with brand new bearings. We fit new bearings to the crank, secondary sheave and replace the clutch bearing. New pedals and foot straps are also fitted as standard.

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Cross Trainers and Steppers

We fit brand new drive and alternator belts on every single machine. Where applicable, the alternator will be fully refurbished, and fitted with brand new bearings. We also check the bearings and any roller wheels in the legs for excessive wear. If they are heavily worn, then these will be replaced with brand new parts.

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Indoor Rowers

We fit brand new flywheel shaft and clutch bearings to every machine as standard. We also replace the chain, footplates & foot straps on every machine. The bungee cord and seat rollers are checked for excessive wear and replaced as necessary.

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