Balance Balls

Balance balls or exercise balls are a popular and highly effective workout accessory that are perfect for the home or the gym, and they provide an almost endless amount of variation in your workout to help build your core strength.

Balance Balls & Exercise Balls

Balance balls are large, inflatable domes which come in a range of sizes and support the body in a huge range of exercises. Whether you use them for sitting, lying or balancing, you can easily incorporate balance balls into your workout.

Choose from a selection of exercise balls at Pinnacle Fitness, which you can use to improve overall strength and balance. Their small size makes balance balls convenient for home use, and you can even deflate them when not in use.

The Blitz Fitness Balance Ball includes resistance bands that you can use to train the arms and shoulders, or train without the bands. A pump is also included so you can add or extract air as needed. Or try the Blitz Fitness Core Balance Trainer to improve your balance and core strength.

Balance balls provide a great workout and lots of variety in your routine, so find your high-quality balance ball here today!

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