Plyometric Platforms & Boxes

Plyometric platforms and boxes are a fantastic addition to your strength and training gym kit. Plyometrics are explosive movements which increase muscle power and strength. Pylometric platforms and boxes are ideal to facilitate this type of training.

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Plyometric Platforms and Boxes

Plyometric platforms and boxes are a great option for building strength in your home or gym. Plyometric training is a fun way to stay in shape, utilising a wide range of explosive movements to increase power and boost strength. The plyometric platforms and boxes make it easy to incorporate plyometric training into your workout routine.

These platforms and boxes are fun to use and they are a popular accessory in commercial gyms. Plyometric training involves bounds, lunges, jumps and other explosive movements to build muscle strength and overall fitness in a fun way.

We have a selection of new and used plyometric platforms and boxes at Pinnacle Fitness that are ideal for all age groups. They provide an excellent addition to your commercial gym or home gym, and they are ideal for building lower-body strength and improving stability. They are the perfect option for a functional training class.

So browse our collection for high-quality products that are tough, durable and made to last. The plyometric platforms and boxes you will find here provide great value for money, and we stock products from the best names in the industry like Blitz Fitness. So browse our collection and find plyometric platforms and boxes for your home or gym.

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