Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are a type of exercise bike and are an excellent option for those with low-back pain as the bike provides added support for the back. Recumbent bikes are also good for those who are new to cycling. The bottom line is a recumbent bike can provide a cardiovascular workout for users of virtually all ability levels.

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Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent bikes are popular exercise bikes that come with a larger seat where the users lean back into the seat to pedal rather than sitting upright. They provide a comfortable way to work out, burn calories and get into shape.

Recumbent bikes provide a more gentle way to workout compared to some other types of models. But they are not just for beginners and they are suitable for all ability levels. Recumbent bikes usually take up more space than upright bikes, but they can still be used in the home and they are also popular in commercial gyms.

We provide a wide range of commercial recumbent bikes that are sourced from across the UK and then put them through a 25-point rigorous refurbishment procedure so they arrive as good as new. They also receive a full inspection and service for your peace of mind.

Browse Pinnacle Fitness today to find recumbent bikes with a wide range of features to choose from. Some are very advanced and come with numerous settings as well as screens to track progress. You can expect to find bikes from top brands such as Life Fitness, Star Trac, and Technogym.

Speak to one of our fitness experts today to find the perfect new or used recumbent bike for your home or gym.

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