Vibration Plates

Whole body vibration exercises create an effective weight loss exercise programme that can benefit the body’s cardiovascular system and burn unwanted fat. Vibration exercise plates are a very effective exercise machines they can do a lot more than just lose body fat

Vibration Plates

Looking for a fun way to mix up your workout? Then try vibration plates! Vibration plates are a great way to add fun to your workout while burning calories and getting into shape. We provide a wide range of cardio machines at Pinnacle Fitness, from cross trainers to treadmills, and vibration plates are a great option if you want to try something different.

Here you will find high-quality used and new vibration plates from the best brands in the business like Power Plate, and they are ideal for home and commercial gyms. Our used and reconditioned vibration plates are sourced from all over the UK then put through our strict 25-point refurbishment procedure to ensure they arrive good as new.

Vibration plates come with lots of features depending on the model, including fitness programmes and screens. They help you to burn calories, get rid of unwanted fat, strengthen and tone muscles and provide you with a fun way to keep in shape.

Choose your vibration plate here today, or ask our fitness experts for assistance and we’ll be happy to help you find the right vibration plates for your needs.



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