Punch Bags

Punch bags are a fantastic way to improve your fitness, stamina and accuracy. Pinnacle Fitness have on sale new highly durable punch bags which are free standing or hanging using chains. The punch bags are adjustable in height and suitable for punching and kicking. They are an ideal complement to a gym or home gym.

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Punch Bags

Aspiring boxers will love using these high-quality punch bags for a fun and effective way to stay in shape, increase fitness and boost stamina. We sell a range of punch bags at Pinnacle Fitness, all of which are tough, durable and capable of taking a lot of pounding.

Explore our range of freestanding punch bags and hanging punch bags that are suitable for different environments including the home or gym. You’ll find products like the Blitz Fitness Heavy Punch Bag, a heavy-duty, handcrafted punch bag made from durable synthetic leather and with a quilted design for optimum absorption.

Or check out the Blitz Fitness Slam Man Free Standing Punch Bag, the ultimate sparring partner. With a sturdy base and dense foam torso, he can take a hit whether you are practising your punching or kicking. And because it’s free-standing, you can use it anywhere, making it ideal for the home gym.

For adjustable, high-quality punch bags, choose Pinnacle and get yourself or your gym a durable, long-lasting punch bag you can use again and again.

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