Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are weight plates that are used with barbells, but compared to other types of weight plates, they have a durable rubber cover. They are usually made with a steel or iron core, and they are designed to be used with Olympic bars, which means they have two-inch diameter holes. They also usually come in the IWF standard diameter of 450 mm.

Bumper plates are great for commercial gyms, but they are also popular for home gyms. Browse our collection of bumper plates today at Pinnacle Fitness and find the right product for you or your gym

Bumper Plates

One of the main benefits of bumper plates is that they can be dropped with less risk of causing damage to the floor, the weights and any surrounding equipment.

They are popular with both beginners and more experienced weightlifters. Beginners like them because they are safe, practical and durable. As a result, the user can drop the weights without worrying about causing injury to themselves or causing damage to gym equipment.

Experienced weightlifters often like using Olympic weights, and bumper plates are a variation on these. Bumper plates are also particularly useful for certain types of workouts including exercises like Olympic lifting and CrossFit training.

Indeed, they are primarily used for competitive lifting including squats and snatches. These types of lifts usually involve athletes pushing themselves to the limit and result in dropping the bar, so with bumper plates, the bar can be dropped safely.

Because the rubber is very dense, it absorbs the impact and reduces the amount of bounce in the bar. This prevents it from bouncing up high, which could lead to injuries.

Black or Coloured Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are sometimes called bumpers, and they can be bought individually or in sets. We sell both at Pinnacle Fitness. They also come in black or different colours. For example, you will find Black Rubber Bumper Plates By Blitz Fitness as well as Coloured Rubber Bumper Plates by Blitz Fitness in the store. You can buy them individually or in sets, and there is a wide range of weights to choose from.

Bumper plates have many practical benefits. For a start, the rubber coverings often have a different colour for each weight, making it easy to pick out the weight you want to use.

They are also a lot quieter to use. When dropped, they don’t make as much noise, and disc clattering becomes reduced or eliminated. This is particularly useful in a busy commercial gym where lots of people are working out at the same time.

Bumper plates often have an upturned edge, which makes it easy to grip them and load them. And the holes are sometimes reinforced with steel central sleeves for strength and to help load the plates quickly.


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