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Functional Tyres are part of our gym accessories range and great for developing whole body strength and power – and they add an extra dimension and interest to any training regime.

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Functional Training Tyres

Functional tyres are popular gym accessories used mainly in commercial gyms, but they can also be used in the home. They provide a fantastic way to build strength and power, and they are also a fun way to work out.

Using functional training tyres engages several muscle groups including the back and glutes, and functional tyre workouts strengthen the whole body and help improve posture. They are used for functional strength and to provide a whole-body workout so you can get into shape as well as build muscles.

Functional training tyres come in different weights so you can choose the right weight for you, or get a selection of weights for your gym members. At Pinnacle Fitness, you will find a selection of high-quality new and used training tyres from the best manufactures like Blitz Fitness. These high-quality, durable tyres come in various weights from 40kg up to 80kg.

Browse our selection of high-quality functional weights and find the right fitness tyre for your gym here today. If you would like assistance, get in touch to speak to a fitness expert.

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