What do you need to look for in your second hand gym equipment?

Second hand gym equipment

If you’ve decided to invest in gym equipment there are lots of things to think about. Second-hand kit can be a great choice but you need to know that you’re getting something that’s reliable and safe. There’s lots of choice on second hand selling sites, but how do make sure you’re getting a bargain? The last thing you need is to get your new gym equipment home then realise that it’s unsafe or doesn’t work properly. Here’s our guide to show you what you need to look for in your second hand gym equipment.


We’d recommend going to look at your second-hand gym equipment before deciding whether to buy. Photos on a selling site might claim to show any issues but it’s worth checking. This also gives you the chance to ask the seller about any wear and why they’re selling. You might find that they bought it new and it’s been sitting in the corner gathering dust ever since. If it’s been used, ask about any problems. If your seller is reluctant to answer that should ring alarm bells. Does any wear and tear seem reasonable? If the parts on a relatively new piece of kit look overly worn that could be a sign of an underlying problem.


Always ask about repairs. There’s nothing wrong with repairing a piece of equipment if it goes wrong. However, if there have been lots of repairs there could be an issue with the equipment that hasn’t been resolved. That could leave you with a hefty repair bill in the long run. A repair can also be the sign of a seller who has looked after the equipment well, so make sure you ask about any parts that have been replaced because they became worn. A brand new part will lengthen the life of the equipment so you get more for your money.


A private seller wanting to clear some space is unlikely to give you a warranty. You’ll just need to check the equipment and take your chances. However, even on selling sites you’ll find professional dealers who may offer you a warranty. This means that you’re protected if you get your gym equipment home and find it doesn’t work, or if something goes wrong in the first year. We offer a warranty on all of our second-hand gym equipment to give you peace of mind.


We buy a lot of our stock from professional gyms who are upgrading their equipment. This generally means that it’s relatively new when we get it, but we still don’t know how it’s been treated by the people who’ve used it. When you’re going out to look at some second-hand equipment you’ll be in the same position. It may be that the person you’re buying the equipment from has refurbished it, or paid someone else to do it, so it’s worth asking. We check and refurbish every piece of equipment that we buy so we can be confident that we’re providing you with top quality kit. We have highly trained engineers who strip machines down and check every part and replace anything worn. They follow a 25 point checklist which covers everything from the battery to fixtures and fittings, right through to a final clean so you get equipment that works perfectly.

If you’d like to find out more, or come and visit our showroom to see the quality for yourself, please get in touch.

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