Which Exercise Bike is Best For You?

Which exercise bike is best for you?

If you want to work out and get into shape in the comfort of your own home, there’s a lot to be said for exercise bikes. These provide all the benefits of a normal bike while you can stay warm and dry inside – and maybe even enjoy your favourite TV programme while you work […]

A Rowing Machine Makes a Perfect Christmas Present

Rowing machine

Are you struggling to choose a present for your loved one? Have you considered buying a rowing machine for them? Indoor rowers make a fantastic present for loads of reasons and not only that, you can use it too, as well as the whole family, so it makes it even more ideal. Here’s why a rowing machine […]

What are the benefits of stair climbers and steppers?

Steppers and stair climbers are core pieces of gym equipment found in most gyms and fitness centres nowadays. They offer another way to build core strength and cardio fitness. A lot of people go to the gym in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. However, you need to do a lot of exercise […]

What do you need to look for in your second hand gym equipment?

Second hand gym equipment

If you’ve decided to invest in gym equipment there are lots of things to think about. Second-hand kit can be a great choice but you need to know that you’re getting something that’s reliable and safe. There’s lots of choice on second hand selling sites, but how do make sure you’re getting a bargain? The […]

What Fitness Equipment Do You Need to Get Fit at Home?

Home Gym Kit

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? If one of them was to make this the year you got fit, how’s it going? When we talk to gym owners January is typically their busiest time of the year. Lots of people sign up to get help with their health and fitness goals. However, by the […]

Can You Really Get Top Quality Gym Equipment Second Hand?

We know that when you’re buying new equipment and flooring for your gym you want the best.  Investing in top-quality equipment ensures your clients get a great experience and it also gives you peace of mind.  When you buy your equipment straight from the manufacturers you know that it’s all been quality tested for reliability […]

Starting A New Gym? Why You Need Second Hand Equipment

SEcond hand gym equipment

There’s a lot to consider when you’re setting up a new gym. You need to find the right premises, think about staffing and, most importantly, work out how to finance it all.  The range of equipment that’s available to your customers is often a key element in the success or failure of your new gym.  […]

Why You Should Choose a Treadmill as the Perfect Christmas Present

Treadmills - the perfect Christmas Present

When you’re getting ready for Christmas, we’d forgive you if fitness isn’t at the front of your mind.  You might be thinking about looking good at the Christmas party, but that’s about it.  You might be surprised if we suggested that you should choose a treadmill for the ideal Christmas present, but that’s exactly what […]

4 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Buy Second Hand Gym Equipment

Second hand gym equipment

When you want your gym to offer a high-quality service to your customers, there are two essentials.  Well qualified staff and safe, reliable equipment. We’ll leave the staffing to you, but what about your equipment? Buying from new can involve a significant outlay, whether you’re a new business or needing to replace your existing equipment. […]