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A Rowing Machine Makes a Perfect Christmas Present

Rowing machine

Are you struggling to choose a present for your loved one? Have you considered buying a rowing machine for them? Indoor rowers make a fantastic present for loads of reasons and not only that, you can use it too, as well as the whole family, so it makes it even more ideal.

Here’s why a rowing machine makes a fabulous present:

  • At Christmas we all feel guilty about eating too much junk. Chocolates and puddings and perhaps too much alcohol. What makes us feel better is if we are counteracting this indulgence with exercise. It helps us feel a bit less anxious about putting on a few extra pounds. Imagine being able to jump onto a rowing machine whilst watching your favourite TV program? Or first thing after an indulgent night? It would make you feel so much better about the overindulgence.
  • It burns calories at a phenomenal rate. According to research, a man weighing 155 lbs. rowing for an hour at a moderate intensity will burn 520 calories. That’s a lot. Even at a gentle rate you will burn calories. So those extra few pounds could be shed just as fast as you put them on.
  • A rowing machine provides a whole body work out. With the correct technique, your legs, arms, shoulders and back will all be using muscle mass.
  • It is ideal for overweight people who perhaps don’t want to go running outside or have joint pain. It can be very safe when used correctly and puts less strain on joints which means less worry about injuries.
  • Most indoor rower models are quiet which is ideal for rowing in front of the TV.

You may think that this sounds great but when you look at the prices of new rowing machines you realise that they are out of your budget. That is where Pinnacle Fitness can help. Pinnacle Fitness is one of the leading sellers of refurbished second hand gym equipment. We have indoor rowers which have gone through our 25-point checklist. We also offer a warranty of 90- days for refurbished products and 30 days for un-furbished. So you can relax about the quality of your second hand rowing machine. What’s more is that we have loads of happy customers and we are even endorsed by celebrities such as Peter Andre.

The team here at Pinnacle Fitness are happy to take any questions you have about the equipment you see on or website. You can even visit our warehouse too. Get in touch with us to see what we have on offer at any one time. We think your loved one will absolutely adore a rowing machine for Christmas.

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