4 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Buy Second Hand Gym Equipment

Second hand gym equipment

When you want your gym to offer a high-quality service to your customers, there are two essentials.  Well qualified staff and safe, reliable equipment. We’ll leave the staffing to you, but what about your equipment? Buying from new can involve a significant outlay, whether you’re a new business or needing to replace your existing equipment. The last thing you want is to limit the range of gym equipment you have available. You may be reluctant to buy second hand.

Here’s why we think you should buy second hand gym equipment for your business.

It saves money

The cost of fully equipping your gym is likely to cost you a five-figure sum, if not more.  While prices vary depending on the equipment you choose, buying new always comes at a premium.  We often think that investing in gym equipment is a bit like buying a car. It depreciates as soon as it leaves the showroom.  When you buy second-hand gym equipment you could make a saving of anything up to 80% on the original price.

That’s money that could be spent on additional staff or improved facilities throughout the gym.

You can offer more choice

When you set up your gym you probably had a list of essential equipment. You probably had a few pieces of kit on the list that would also be good to have if they were within budget.  The great thing about buying second-hand gym equipment is that you offer more choice. The ‘nice to haves’ suddenly become much more affordable.

There may also be a few pieces of equipment that you’d like to try out.  Maybe there’s something relatively new that you’re interested in, but you don’t know whether they’ll be a good fit for your customers.  If you’re buying new, the odds are that they won’t let you try something out or offer to buy the equipment back. It could be an expensive experiment, so we offer a hire service. You can try out new things or even just hire extra equipment for busy times.

It’s safer than you think

We know that a lot of people view second-hand gym equipment as being potentially unsafe.  It might be fine for someone who wants a treadmill in their garage, but it won’t work for a professional gym.  That might be true if you’re looking on a second-hand selling site, but we take a different approach. When you buy from a company specialising in second-hand gym equipment, safety is a priority.

We refurbish every piece of equipment to a high standard. We also carry out safety checks and offer a follow-up maintenance service if you need it.  That way you can be sure that you’re looking after customer safety as well as saving money.

Great quality

You might think that buying second-hand gym equipment means getting something second rate.  Whilst you’re unlikely to get anything that’s just been released, the equipment is still top of the range.  We’ve found that some larger gyms will invest in brand new kit only to replace it after a couple of years. It’s often one of their selling points.

We buy well-known brands that are often only one or two years old and refurbish them so they’re like new.

If you’d like to find out more, or come and visit our showroom to see the quality for yourself, please get in touch.

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