Power Sleds

Power Sleds are a fantastic addition to any workout, ideal for strengthening legs, hips and arms. Pinnacle Fitness have new power sleds from Blitz Fitness in stock.

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Power Sled

For a fun, powerful workout that you can do on your own or in teams, power sleds are a great choice. Popular in commercial gyms, power sleds are a great option for any type of workout. They are designed for both pulling and pushing, and they can be used to strengthen the whole body. You’ll find a range of power sleds at Pinnacle Fitness, all of which are made to the highest standards and built to last. Some have long skids and vertical push bars to help boost muscle strength, and you can load and unload weight plates easily. They also come with fixing points to insert a rope or harness. They can be used on a wide range of surfaces, making them a versatile option for your gym. Power sleds are ideal for both individual use and for teams, and they can even be used in competitions. They are a fantastic option for both strength training and cardio training. We have high-quality new and used power sleds from top brands like Blitz Fitness, and all the products here are incredibly durable and perfect for any gym. Find the right power sled for your gym today, or speak to our fitness experts for assistance.  
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