Plate-Loaded Machines: A Great Option for Any Gym

man using plate loaded strength machine

If you are considering getting weight machines for your commercial or home gym, plate-loaded machines can be a great option.


In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at plate-loaded machines, examining the benefits, how they differ from other types of weight machines, and what to consider when choosing one.


What Are Plate-Loaded Machines?

Strength machines come in two main categories: selectorised and plate-loaded.


The difference between them is that selectorised strength machines use weight stacks. These rectangular stacks are attached to the frame, and the user then inserts a key to choose the preferred weight.


This makes the machines very easy for the user to adjust the weight, which only takes seconds to do. Often, they don’t even have to get up, so their workout is not affected.


However, the weight is limited to a maximum amount. If you want to add more weight, you can’t.


Plate-loaded machines, on the other hand, use round plates like those used with barbells. These are hung onto the machine and removed when needed up to a maximum limit, which is normally much higher than with selectorised machines.


Benefits of Plate-Loaded Machines


The main benefit of plate-loaded machines is that you can add far more weight to it. When you want to lift a heavier weight, you just add a heavier plate. While the amount you can add is not unlimited, it is normally far more than you can lift with a selectorised machine.


The other major benefit is the price. You may already have the plates in your gym, in which case you can buy the machine without any plates to save money. With a selectorised machine, you have to buy the machine with the weights included.


The downside is that plate-loaded machines are more of a hassle. Changing the weights takes longer, and it could cause problems in your gym if people are carrying weights around. If lots of people are using the machine, they will constantly need to change the weights.


For this reason, many gyms prefer selectorised machines. But if you have a home gym, a plate-loaded machine may be more suitable.


Types of Plate-Loaded Machines


There are several types of plate-loaded machines you can get for your gym, and what you choose depends on your goals, the exercises you want to focus on, and the equipment you need in your gym.


We have several machines to choose from at Pinnacle Fitness, like a Plate-Loaded Shoulder Press, Plate Loaded Squat Machine and Plate Loaded Pullover Machine.


These are all high-quality machines from top manufacturers like Blitz Fitness. They are tough and very durable, so you know they will last you a long time.


This also means you can buy a used machine that is refurbished and save even more while being sure it will keep going for many years to come.


Choose Your Equipment


Whether you own a commercial gym or you’re currently building your home gym, consider getting plate-loaded machines. They can save you a serious amount of money, and they also provide a great workout.


Start by browsing the equipment at Pinnacle Fitness to find what you are looking for. If you have any questions, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to help you find the right item for your gym.

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