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Plate Loaded

Plate loaded machines are an essential component of any commercial gym. Our refurbished plate loaded machines are safe and deliver outstanding results in strength building. They are ideal for every type of trainer.

Plate Loaded Machines

Do you enjoy using free weights and want to replicate the feeling with a machine? Plate loaded machines are a great option. These are essential in any commercial gym, but they are also suitable for the home gym.

We sell a range of high-quality new and refurbished machines that are solid and durable, giving you the freedom to build strength and target the muscles you want to.

These tough machines don’t require as much maintenance as fixed resistance machines, and they provide a safer way to replicate free weights. These highly effective strength-building machines are ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Use plate loaded machines to build up and tone muscles in different groups including the legs, core and upper body. These machines are designed to specifically work a particular group of muscles.

Enjoy a fantastic training session and feel great while you build strength with plate loaded machines. Browse our selection of new and used plate loaded machines here today, and speak to one of our fitness experts for advice.

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