How Air Bikes Provide the Perfect Workout

woman on an air bike

Air bikes are one of the best options for anyone looking for a great workout.


They are similar to standard exercise bikes and have all the same benefits, like being able to cycle indoors whatever the weather and providing a low-impact workout. But they also have additional benefits, making them a particularly good option.

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits.



What is an Air Bike?

First, a quick look at what air bikes actually are. Also called assault bikes and fan bikes, air bikes are used by everyone from ordinary people to pro athletes.

They have a dual-action design, and while they are operated by your feet, the handles also move, so you can use them for your upper and lower body.

The main difference between air bikes and other indoor bikes is that as you pedal faster, the resistance increases.

Here are some of the key benefits of using air bikes for your workout.



Get a Full-Body Workout

The first key benefit of air bikes is that you can get an amazing full-body workout with one.

That means you don’t just work your legs but your upper body too. Because the handles move as you pedal, you end up working your whole body. You can push and pull the handles harder to feel the burn in your arms, or you can focus more on your legs.



Control Your Workout Intensity

You get full control over the intensity of your workout with an air bike due to the variable resistance.

Pedal slowly to take it easy, or speed up and feel the resistance kick in. Choose the type of workout you want, whether a gentle warm-down after lifting weights or a full-on cardio workout.



Accessible Workout Option

Air bikes can be used by complete beginners, pro athletes and even people recovering from injury who want a gentle workout.

Because air bikes respond to the user’s strength and speed, you can work out to the intensity you want.



Great for HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is very popular, and air bikes are the perfect piece of equipment for this.

You can enjoy a high-intensity workout on an air bike in 15 minutes or less by pedalling as fast as you can. There are other ways to get a HIIT workout, but air bikes are one of the best options.



Develop Your Muscles

These bikes are great for developing your muscles too. It’s all to do with the foot pedals and the handles and how they combine.

Together, they work large muscle groups to build strength, and you can work everything from your biceps to your abs and quads.



Great Cardio Workout

Air bikes work great for developing muscles, but they are also great for cardio. You will feel your heart rate increase in no time when you hop onto an air bike.

Use it as a warmup or for a more intense cardio workout depending on your goals.



Get an Air Bike for Your Gym

Air bikes are great for increasing muscle strength, improving endurance, getting a full-body workout and burning lots of calories. They are incredibly versatile, making them a great option for your home gym or commercial gym.

We have lots of high-quality models to choose from at Pinnacle Fitness from the best brands in the business. So browse our collection and find your air bike at the store today.

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