Gym Flooring

Pinnacle Fitness sells a range of heavy duty rubber gym flooring and floor tiles from brand Blitz Fitness. This heavy duty rubber flooring and tiles are ideal for those areas of the gym which require durability and absorption. Perfect to install in large areas of the gym quickly without losing the aesthetic appeal.

Gym Flooring

Your gym needs strong and durable flooring that provides a high level of protection and an aesthetically pleasing design. At Pinnacle Fitness, we have a wide selection of gym flooring to choose from for both commercial gyms and home gyms to provide the highest quality flooring for all your activities.

The gym flooring at Pinnacle Fitness has been specially designed for gyms with all the required qualities. It can be installed quickly and easily in areas of the gym that require durability and absorption.

The high-impact tiles are ideal for almost any gym environment. Some have been designed specifically for certain areas of the gym like the free-weights zone. They also have high absorption levels to soak up impacts, and some have features like sound absorption and anti-slip surfaces for safety.

Browse our selection to find rubber gym flooring and floor tiles from top brands like Blitz Fitness. The gym flooring here is quick and easy to install, so you can quickly cover a large flooring area. You will also find a selection of aesthetic designs to choose from including black, grey speckle, blue speckle and more.


Whatever type of gym you have, explore our range of gym flooring today. Need some assistance? Then contact us and speak to one of our fitness experts.