Hex Bars: What They Are & Why You Should Use Them

woman using a hex bar

Hex bars, also called trap bars, are specialty bars used for weightlifting. They are an alternative to the standard barbell bar, and they are used for strength training and developing explosive power.


But what exactly is a hex bar, and why should you use one in your workout routine? Here’s all you need to know.


What Is a Hex Bar?


A hex bar is used in a similar way as a barbell, but it looks very different. Instead of being a straight bar, it has a hexagonal shape – hence the name.


You attach a weight plate to each end, like with a barbell. But rather than holding onto the bar, you grip the handles positioned at each side, which changes the way you lift the weights.


5 Top Benefits of Hex Bars


There are several great reasons to use hex bars in your workout. Here are five of the key benefits you can enjoy when you incorporate them into your strength training.


1. Very Versatile


You can use hex bars in several different ways. While they are often used for different types of deadlifts, you can also use them for squats, lunges, presses and more. The types of exercises you can do will depend on the type of hex bar you use.


2. Easy for Beginners


It’s not difficult to get started with hex bars, and in fact, many people start with these before they move on to barbells.


Because you stand inside the hex bar and pick it up, they are intuitive to use. Many people feel more confident and comfortable lifting this way when starting out.


3. Better for Your Back


Many people consider hex bars to be safer than barbells. While barbells are safe when used correctly, hex bars provide you with a more balanced position and put less pressure on the spine. They are also safer for your shoulders, and the perpendicular handles ensure a neutral grip.


4. Excellent for Building Power


Hex bars are great for developing explosive power. If this is your goal, hex bars may even be more effective than straight bars.


You may find you can lift heavier weights faster, and you might be able to lift more than with standard barbells because of the weight placement at the side instead of in front.


5. Increase Grip Strength


Using the trap bar is a good way to increase grip strength. One way to do this is to do heavy carries, where you lift and walk with the hex bar, which are excellent for building grip.


Try Hex Bars Today


The hex bar is a popular option for both beginners and more experienced gymgoers. Versatile and easy to get started with, it’s also a good option for building strength and power with less risk of injury.


We’ve got several hex bars to choose from at Pinnacle Fitness, like this 5ft Hex Bar or this 7ft Hex Bar, which are ideal for both home gyms and commercial gyms. Try working out with a hex bar today, and you may find you prefer using it to the standard barbell.


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