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Creating the Perfect Home Gym

creating a home gym

Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your fitness routine? You’re not the only one. After months of lockdowns and disruptions, it’s no surprise that so many of us have seen our fitness routines affected. But on the plus side, this could be the perfect time to work on your home gym.

While many people have been exercising in the great outdoors, the rain and cold can be off-putting and can prevent you from sticking to your routine. But with a home gym, you can set aside a time every day to work out whatever the weather.

So, how exactly do you set about creating the perfect home gym? Here are some of the main things you will need.


Cardio Equipment

Most workouts involve some cardio, and it’s especially important to have some cardio equipment in your gym for those days when you don’t feel like running or cycling outdoors.

Exercise bikes are popular in home gyms, and while some might be too large, others like upright bikes and Spin® bikes are small enough to fit comfortably in a corner of the room.

Or you may even be tempted by the classic treadmill. Again, these are quite large and can be expensive, so a used treadmill may be more suitable for the home.

Indoor rowers are very popular and provide an extensive workout. Also popular are cross trainers, which provide a great way to workout without impacting your joints.

Consider starting out with one cardio machine, and then you can always add another cardio machine should you decide to expand your gym.

Free Weights

Free weights are a home gym essential. They are affordable for a start, but they are also small, convenient and don’t take up much space in your home.

There are also lots of free weights to choose from, starting with dumbbells. These small weights provide a huge amount of versatility, helping you to shape your strength training around your needs.

Barbells are another good option if you want to get into more serious weight training. You might even want to consider adding some Olympic bars and Olympic weight plates or bumper plates if you start taking your weights more seriously. And don’t forget about racks and storage to keep your gym tidy.

Then there are items like kettlebells. These are particularly suitable for home gyms because they are so versatile. With just one kettlebell, you can carry out a huge variety of workouts to strengthen your whole body, making them ideal for home gyms.

Gym Accessories

There are lots of accessories that can be ideal for the home gym, and it all depends on your workout preferences.

Some small and affordable items that you could consider adding include classic aerobic steps and blocks, medicine balls, resistance bands or punch bags, none of which will take up much space.

Gym Flooring

Flooring is an important consideration for your home gym. Tough rubber flooring and rubber floor tiles provide protection for your floor as well as being sound absorbent.

Flooring is easy to install, and you can cover as much of the floor as you need to. You do not have to cover the whole floor of the room where you have set up your home gym. For example, you could make the corner of the room your free weights zone and cover this while leaving the rest of the floor uncovered.

Start Setting Up Your Home Gym

A home gym can be something as simple as a few dumbbells and accessories, or it can involve multiple cardio machines and all kinds of items. It can be as big or small as you want it to be.

The good news is that you can quickly set up a home gym without a huge investment. You can look for high-quality used gym equipment to save costs, and you can also invest in items like kettlebells that provide a huge amount of versatility. So get started today and set up your home gym so you can continue working out conveniently whenever you want to.

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