Fixed Resistance

Fixed Resistance Machines

If you want to work a particular muscle group, fixed resistance machines are a great option. These high-quality machines isolate a specific muscle group using weight stacks to provide you with full control over your workout.

We have a large range of fixed resistance machines at Pinnacle Fitness, both new and used. Our fully refurbished fixed resistance machines provide you with a good-as-new machine for a much lower price, and they are ideal for both commercial gyms and home gyms.

Find new and used fixed resistance machines here that specifically train back, leg or arm muscles. They are comfortable to sit in and allow you to use natural movements to strengthen your muscles.

We’ve got all the best brands here, including new and used fixed resistance machines from Life Fitness and Blitz Fitness. So explore our selection today and find a high-quality fixed resistance machine that is suitable for the muscle group you want to strengthen. Or speak to one of our fitness experts for assistance.