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Dual Pulley Cable Machines

Dual pulley cable machines are a popular choice for strength training. They have two adjustable pulleys, and they are flexible so that you can enjoy a wide range of exercises for the upper body like curls and pulldowns, as well as working the lower body.

Dual Pulley Cable Machines

The smooth action of dual pulley cable machines provides consistent tension on the muscles, so they offer a lot of the benefits provided by free weights. You can adjust the two weight stacks independently to provide a range of free movement that you don’t get in other machines.

You can carry out a huge range of exercises using the new and refurbished dual pulley cable machines at Pinnacle Fitness. We have a range of new, used and fully refurbished dual pulley cable machines from top manufacturers like Blitz Fitness and Life Fitness, all of which boast a solid construction. Find yours today, or speak to one of our fitness experts for assistance.

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